Shelley Alexander, DO

Dr. Alexander is an eleven year veteran of healthy aging in Kansas City and has impressive credentials within this emerging field in Kansas City. In addition to her continuous education of Anti-Aging through American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) conference attendance and affiliated coursework, Dr. Alexander has achieved the following certifications that contribute to her expertise in Healthy-Aging:

  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine
  • 6 Years of Experience as A Hospice Medical Director
  • Successful Completion of the Part 1 (written exam) for Board Certification in Anti-Aging

Additional certifications of Shelley's medical qualifications as well as other awards and achievements she has earned are available upon request.

Whether you call it anti-aging, age management, or healthy aging; Dr. Shelley Alexander, D.O. has been practicing this type of medicine from the beginning of her career. Shelley would say that it was always meant to be. Looking back upon the journey that led her to this culmination of her career, you find that healthy aging has always been the underlying theme. In reviewing Dr. Alexander's mission letters for both medical school and residency, you find three reoccurring principles: preventative medicine, teaching and ultimately valuing each patient as you would your own family.

Today, Dr. Alexander is as passionate about the founding principles that led her down this path. She has joined forces with the best team to provide her patient family with the first of its kind, healthy aging and advanced aesthetics. The mastered traditional physician blended with the analytical age specialist, will delve into the medical as the team discovers the means to bring each patient to their healthiest lifestyle. As we utilize today's advances in anti-aging medicine to achieve living younger, we will be on the forefront of aesthetics so you look your best as well.

Her career's experiences shaped the foundation of her belief that the formula for great medicine is a teacher as a physician, that partner with the patient-family to empower healthy aging. Ultimately, Dr. Alexander's journey through the medical field may have swerved before realigning to healthy aging. She still holds the mission to maintain medicine as the most humanistic of all sciences...the one in which each practitioner must somehow seamlessly blend the art of caring with the science of curing.

Dr. Shelley Alexander, DO is an active member of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), shown here recently attending the A4M international conference. New You is committed to obtaining the most current clinical research and scientific information available in this rapidly developing field of Anti-Aging Medicine. That current information is one way we are able to provide the absolute best healthcare possible to all members of our patient family.