Healthy Aging Athlete - Leawood, KS

Healthy Aging Athlete - Leawood, KS

Regain endurance
Improve Performance
Quicker Recovery
Long-lasting Rejuvenation

You put your passion in to your sport, your body or the outcome of exercise. You believe that all your hard work will continue to pay off providing you with vitality and vigor. Perhaps you even feel that the harder you push yourself, the better the outcome? Maybe you are the housewife trying to keep up your appearance or the weekend warrior that wants to go out and hit it hard like you did in the past.

Well, we have all seen the joint issues, thyroid issues or even injuries that occur from not properly caring for oneself. Many of these insults or injuries can be prevented by proper nutrition, optimal hydration with quality water, replacing nutrient deficiencies and staying active.

Exercise and Your Body

Intense exercise or inadequate nutrient levels can affect your immune system causing decreased defenses. Physical stress on the body can cause hormone disruption and inflammation. If you stop and think about it, you likely know someone that was unguided in their training program and as a result suffered from a thyroid disorder.

Sports Nutrition

There is a science to proper diet, supplementation and rest in the athletic person. With exercise, we require different amounts of essential proteins and carbohydrates and even the timing of administration is important. Additionally, with increased protein consumption comes increased inflammatory changes. It is important to understand when to use anti-oxidants and other health supporting measures.

Healthy Fitness

The health-wise medical consumer can still benefit from expert consultation. From the myriad of anti-aging products the customer can be overwhelmed. You can?t always turn to the television ?expert? or your local health food store to provide healthy advice. The best intentioned can be fooled by being uninformed. From the fittest athlete to the weekend warrior, the body can be overstrained and without the proper replenishments, this leads to inflammatory conditions. With healthy aging we will enhance endurance and energy levels.

We may all have different goals when it comes to being fit. The athlete may want increased performance and enjoyment, while avoiding the overtraining syndrome or inflammatory changes that can occur. While some just want to feel and look good. Ideally you are already aware of proper diet, exercise and feel you know all there is to know about supplementation. A Healthy Athlete Program is just for you as the best prevention of disease is that which is planned. We can always continue to improve our health from detoxifying to learning to manage stressors to identifying health issues before they arise. An Integrative, holistic approach can help maintain optimal health at all ages.

Come in to New You and experience the many healthy aging maintenance modalities we have to offer. Come in and detoxify in our FAR Infrared Sauna, sit and enjoy reading from one of our recommended books while obtaining your replenishing IV Infusions or have our massage therapist work out that tension or sore muscles. Most importantly, sign up for your Healthy Athletic Program as the best investment for your health.