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We cannot stop the fact that time waits for no one. However, if you are starting to show signs of "getting older" such as fatigue, inability to maintain muscle mass, weight gain, loss of libido, depression and loss of energy, then these are signs of a the beginnings of a diseased process. YOU NOW HAVE A CHOICE! You can continue upon your current health path in which you will adhere to the heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other unattractive statistics for health and mortality rates, or you can come to New You Health Studio and learn how to slow down and prevent the negative effects of your diseased aging.

A recent news article by CNBC identified that Americans are much less healthy than they think. In a study commissioned by Aetna, 54% of Americans responded that they think they can be healthy even if they are overweight! This disconnect allows us to mentally justify the fact that the majority of your friends are overweight that it's ok or normal to be unhealthy. Your weight is very important to your health, but it is only one of many factors. In your first month with Dr. Alexander, you will understand how your weight is important in your health, and how all of the inner-workings of your body's systems are so important for your health. Together, we can achieve a New You: feeling and looking better than you have in years. Our patients come to New You because they want to feel better, and also because their family deserves that they do everything they can to prevent disease.

The Comprehensive Value Program is a premiere annual program for those who aspire to reach their highest level of wellness and to MAXIMALLY delay, prevent, and potentially reverse the degenerative diseases of aging. This is the only way to go if you are serious about experiencing a higher quality of life.

This fully comprehensive program will integrate Dr. Alexander's extensive knowledge and experience of Internal Medicine with her anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine expertise. Are you unsatisfied with your current level of healthcare? Do you have undiagnosed medical problems that you are struggling to have identified and corrected? Dr. Alexander listens. Her experience and credentials are unmatched within her field. She is a lifetime learner who cares about each and every one of her patients as a family member. Her goal is to reduce the need for pharmaceutical drugs so that symptoms are corrected by solving the underlying problem. No more do you need to spend unnecessary money on prescription drugs and suffer their side effects, at New You we strive to make you holistically and naturally healthy. Only then can you achieve optimal health and performance.

When you are ready TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER, utilize our patient portal at the top of our homepage or call and set up your initial consultation tour with Dr. Alexander. Finally here in Kansas City, New You Health Studio is the type of medicine you have been looking for. Contact us today, we are here to help you achieve the quality of life you deserve!